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Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Would Only Happen Here: Part 1

A few days ago, I misplaced my cell phone. On Saturday, after class, a few of us went to a cafe (I use that term loosely) in downtown Kanye, when I realized that it was not in my bag. The last place I remember it being was on top of a desk in our classroom. I am great with my cell phone and never lose it, so I was surprised. I called a friend to look for it and continued on my way. I figured she would easily find it in our classroom.

I called my friend back an hour later, only to discover my phone was nowhere to be found. I decided to call a Peace Corps staff member. He said he would look for it, and enlisted the help of 3 other staff members. No phone.

I got home around 4 pm. I was going to just going to look for my phone on Monday, but I remembered that my parents call from the states on Sunday and I didn't want to miss it. So Florah and I went back to school to look for it.

We searched all around the room. No phone. People kept calling it, but it was busy. Right when we were about to give up, we heard it. Florah found it outside of this 10-foot tall cement wall surrounding the classroom. None of us have ever been over there.

Now, we are lucky enough to have monkeys all around our classroom. They had been spotted inside playing with the cups we use to make tea everyday. And one of the trainees said that she saw monkeys in the classroom as we came back in to collect our things on Saturday.

I made one conclusion: the monkeys took my cell phone. It was obvious. There is no way I could have dropped my cell phone outside the window of our classroom and over a cement wall. I can only guess that they realized it wasn't food and then dropped it. Where else would this happen?

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  1. It's simply a variation on the old standby "The Gorilla did it". Sounds reasonable.