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Interested in Sending Something?

Other volunteers have Wish Lists on their blogs.  I have never done that, but I figured it is not too late to start!  So...if you want to send me something and need some ideas, here you go...

-Sour Patch Watermelons
-Nutella (see a trend here....haha)
-Mac n Cheese
-Dried fruit/nuts
-Good spices for food, esp for meat (all the ones here have MSG...not cool)
-Luna bars/Cliff bars...any protein bars really
-General snacks...goldfish, etc

-Tea (especially loose leaf, like mint/jasmine/good black tea/etc)
-Tea filters (one-time use or washable...whatever)
-Hot chocolate mix
-Emergen-c packets
-Crystal light packets

-Journals (I have gone through 6 of them, so having a few more would be nice!)
-Glide dental floss
-Lip gloss

I will update as I think of more things.  Thanks!

Again, my address is:

Amelia "Nnete" Plant
P.O. Box 69


  1. How much longer are you going to be in Africa, Amelia?

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am interested in GBV proposal/workshop for something similar in Kanye Botswana. My email address is