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Monday, April 25, 2011

More Pictures in Kanye

This is Flora on our porch. She is holding Bophelo (left) and Dubi (right). Dubi is Flora's youngest child. He is one and a half years old. Dubi likes to grab EVERYTHING. He has a particularly affinity to sugar, like most Batswana. He also likes to grab my skirts and try to pull them down, much to the hilarity of all family members currently in the room. He is adorable, even when he tries to bite me.

There is a gorge near our house in Kanye. We have walked there a couple times. A friend of the family told us that there is a beautiful waterfall if you walk far enough, but we haven't gotten there yet. It is hard to walk through after it rains because the water is too high and you are inevitably walking through mud. I hope to see the waterfall before I leave Kanye, though.

Bophelo and I at the gorge

Bophelo, Flora, Dubi and I at the gorge

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